Laser for Pore Size Reduction & Brightening of Pigmentations


Two-stage laser treatment using (Q-switched Nd:YAG) – SPECTRA XT (Lutronic)
  • Clarity Peel (aka “Hollywood Peel”): Reduce Pore Size (NOT for scarred pores or acne scars)
  • Clarity Toning: Brightening of brown spots and skin tone
How Much AEON TOTAL CLARITY (ATC) Does cost?

How Much AEON TOTAL CLARITY (ATC) Does cost?

AEON TOTAL CLARITY (ATC) starts from S$300 Nett/Single session (T&C’s apply)

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AEON Total Clarity is a signature two-step laser treatment to help reduce pore size and brighten your skin tone for a more uniform and clearer complexion. Clarity Toning and Clarity Peel procedures are carried out during the same session with the same laser reducing procedure time and ensuring consistent results. AEON Total Clarity treatments uses the technology of SPECTRA’s combination of high peak power and short pulse width that delivers efficient destruction of the target pigment with minimal collateral thermal damage.

STEP 1 : Clarity Peel

What is Clarity Peel(CP)?

Also known and the “Hollywood Laser Peel”, Clarity Peel is a no downtime procedure using photo-mechanical energy of the laser to stimulate collagen and reduce oil production which is needed to reduce pore size. Treatment areas are discussed and determined with our Dr. Kim before treatment. Common areas of treatment include the nose, paranasal(areas next to the nose), cheeks, glabella (areas between eyebrows) and forehead.

Is Clarity Peel painful?

Due to it being a NON-ABLATIVE laser and done at lower intensities, it is very gentle with the pain being very minimal and NO need for numbing cream. It is common to feel a warming of your skin and a prickling feeling.

What can I expect during my treatment?

Your therapist will apply a thin layer of Spectra lotion to your skin. This lotion has a carbon base, so your skin will appear muddy. By allowing this lotion to absorb into the pores, laser energy applied later will be able to be more effectively transferred to the pores for more effective treatment. The lotion will be left for approximately 10 minutes afterwhich the therapist will remove excess lotion before escorting you to the laser treatment room.

Your eyes will be first be protected with metal goggles. Then our doctor will begin treatment, by gently applying the laser energy to your skin without any part of the making in physical contact with your skin.

This first part of the CP is to stimulate collagen and this is done by generating heat which can feel warm or even slightly hot. The second part of CP is to reduce the sebum (oil) production and you will hear a snapping sound and feel a slight tingling or warmth as the lotion is completely “evaporated”.

There is also a slight “burning smell” which is the facial hair and dead skin cells absorbing the laser energy. Remember that since it is a NON-ABLATIVE laser, your skin does not get “burnt” at all if done properly.

STEP 2 : Clarity Toning

After CP, Clarity Toning (CT) [put link to CT page] for the whole face will be performed. Then after the whole laser treatment is finished, you will be brought back to your private room for post-care treatment to cool and calm the skin before you leave the clinic.

Is there any downtime?

Due to it being a NON-ABLATIVE laser and done at lower intensities, there is NO downtime.

You may experience some redness especially in pore areas that are treated, that should resolve within a few hours, but no requirement for you to stay indoors or avoid cosmetic application afterwards. (Again, this is a NON-invasive treatment so no needles, no blood, no crusting after the treatment.) You are able to return to work, apply makeup and resume most of your activities immediately (Please avoid exercise 1-2 days before and after the treatment). However, it is advised to avoid excessive, prolonged sun exposure 2-3 weeks before and after the treatment.

What aftercare do I need?

There is no special aftercare needed in terms of topical applications. The most important thing to avoid is UV radiation from sun exposure. Especially immediately after the procedure, but even weeks or months after the procedure, it is advised to avoid excessive, prolonged sun exposure even with sunblock applied. Depending on your skin condition and sun exposure, you may develop darker pigmentations in the treatment areas. You are advised to apply sunblock every 1-2 hours when outdoors and avoid outdoor exposure especially during the peak sunlight hours of the day.

How many treatments will I need?

Treating pigmentations is a gradual process that requires multiple sessions and efforts to produce effective and long-lasting results. The number of sessions required depends on various factors including the severity of your pigmentations. Our doctor will advise you more on the treatment course that is right for your skin condition during the consultation. Typically it takes between 6-10 treatments for the lightening results to be more obvious assuming that your skin is protected from extensive UV radiation and that the treatment is done at recommended intervals. Once your treatment goals are met, CT can be done at 1 month intervals for maintenance purposes.

Is Aeon Total Clarity (ATC) safe?

Due to the type of laser and the settings used for laser toning, it is one of the mildest laser treatments that can be done in a clinical setting. As with any procedure, there is always a risk of skin irritation which can lead to itchiness, redness or mild swelling after the laser. Prolonged sun exposure may lead to darkening of the pigmentations and “rebound” or darkening of the pigmentations is more possible when used to treat conditions like melasma.