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AEON Team Building – Puma Night Run 2017

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The team of AEON – all staffs & Dr.Kim joined Puma Night Run 2017 which was held at Seletar Aerospace Park, on 27 August 2017. Running is one of the best ways to work out easily, and the more the merrier ! We have come together to spend this Saturday night with the most exciting night race. By doing this together, we could motivate and encourage each other and we felt more positive about the importance of workouts !

puma_night_run_01 puma_night_run_02 puma_night_run_03 puma_night_run_04 puma_night_run_05

AEON Team Building – Dinner & Singapore River Cruise Tour

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Team of Aeon had dinner at Taewoo Korean Restaurant for korean-style Chinese food : Jjajangmyun, Jjambbong, Kkanpoongki, Tangsooyook, GochuJapchae with buns.

Afterwards, We had a Hokkaido ice cream then went on Singapore River “Laser Show” Cruise. Believe it or not, it was the 1st time for all of the staffs. The laser show has been revamped and just re-started Friday so we were fortunate to see it!



teambuilding-e teambuilding-fteambuilding-b





Vitality Program at AEON! 2017 Walk Challenge!

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When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, simple “steps”(literally!) are a great place to start. How active you are during your day greatly affects our physical and mental well-being.
All staff at Aeon were given activity trackers as part of a new “Vitality” program initiated by AIA with rewards for reaching individual and group goals measured in walking steps. Dr Kim also added additional “rewards” to motivate us even more!
Thank you Dr.Kim for the amazing gifts to keep us fit and healthy!


AEON Team Building – Music Concert

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On 11.March.2017, AEON team had an amazing team building session at Marina Bay Sands Theatres, watching the music concert of Hans Zimmer & John Williams. With commentary by a conductor from the UK who was very funny, orchestrated lights and awesome lasers (all of which controlled by directors flown in from the UK). If they ever come to Singapore again, it is a “must-see” and worth every cent.

orchestra-11 orchestra-10 orchestra-09 orchestra-08 orchestra-07 orchestra-06 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA orchestra-04 orchestra-03 orchestra-02

Happy New Year from AEON!

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2016 is now over, we should leave behind all our regrets and sorrows – and look forward to the promising new year. Wishing everyone overflowing joy, health and happiness. Happy New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! -from Dr. Michael Kim and AEON staff.


AEON Team Building – Health Trail

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Get a workout, inculcate good health and explore nature through customised learning trails designed to encourage team bonding. Participants will take on physical challenges, attempt games and solve puzzles focused on top health concerns!

The first team that finishes the trail and meet all the challenges wins the race! This is guaranteed to be a fun-filled and stimulating experience for all ages.

Health_Trail_02 Health_Trail_03Health_Trail_04 Health_Trail_05Health_Trail_01

AEON Team Building – Stress Management Workshop

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Stress at small amount can act as motivation, but stress present in many people is perceived as excessive and out of control. In this workshop, participants will learn more about recognizing signs of stress under unfamiliar conditions and time pressure, the subsequent physiological responses, followed by learning relaxation techniques to manage stress and improve mental well-being.

stress_mgmt_2 stress_mgmt_0stress_mgmt_1

AEON Team Building – Mental Health Workshop !

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One of the best way to check if your mind is at peace is to just express in the most natural way! Generally mental health drawing test is carried out to check a person’s thinking ability, and to determine if any problems are getting better or worse. 

Aeon had a useful team building session in which we were told to express our current feeling and status as a drawing.
Big thanks to lovely art therapist Christine for sharing this wonderful & meaningful session with us!

Mental Health Workshop_001 Mental Health Workshop_010 Mental Health Workshop_007Mental Health Workshop_009 Mental Health Workshop_012 Mental Health Workshop_006  Mental Health Workshop_008 Mental Health Workshop_005 Mental Health Workshop_011 Mental Health Workshop_004 Mental Health Workshop_003