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한국 이화여자 대학교 간호학과 학생들이 국제의료관광에 관련해서 에이온 에스테틱 메디컬 센터에 방문하였다.아시아나에서 지원한 드림 프로젝트에 선발된 간호학생들과 싱가포르에서의 선진화된 국제의료관광을 실제적으로 탐방하며 미래의 국제 의료 관광에 대해 김 지효 원장님과 논의의 시간을 가졌다.특히 에이온 에스테틱 메디컬에서도 한국의 선진화된 성형외과와 연계해 싱가포르에서 한국인 의사의 전후 관리를 통해 국제 의료관광 서비스 파라다임의 변화를 선도하는 에이온에 대해 큰 관심을 가졌다.

A group of nursing students from “EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY” in Seoul, Korea visited our Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre (AMAC) to learn more about international medical tourism.

Korea has recently started a nationally recognized certification program for medical tourism coordinators and more medical professionals including nurses are venturing into this new field.

As a part of “Dream wings” Project sponsored by Asiana Airlines, these student have been selected and sent to Singapore to learn more about advanced international medical tourism.

They met Dr. Michael Kim and had an in-depth conversation on the subject and pressing issues.

Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre (AMAC) has established professional collaborations with first-class plastic surgery clinics in Seoul, Korea. Also, Aeon Medical Aesthetic Centre (AMAC) provides pre & post-care by a Korean doctor to patients as part of international medical tourism consultation service, which has been structured to bring about a new paradigm change in medical tourism service industry, where patients are referred to and fro only by medical doctors.

All the best to them in this new field!