Let us take you on AEON’s service journey !

STEP 1 : Fill up the service form.

On your first visit, kindly fill up our service form for interested treatment and service area.

STEP 2 : Remove make-up and relax with a glimpse of tea

You will be asked to remove your make-up before skin analysis & consultation with Dr.Kim.

STEP 3 : VISIA Skin Analysis

Our VISIA Skin analysis allows us to obtain objective data on your skin’s condition, therefore suggest suitable skin treatment.

STEP 4 : Consultation with Dr.Kim

Based on your skin analysis obtained from VISIA, Dr.Kim will suggest you specific treatment as well as advise about current skin condition.

STEP 5 : Skin Treatment

You will be guided to the private room for skin treatment in relaxing mood.

STEP 6 : Post-treatment Care

Post-treatment care is necessary to calm down the skin, as well as to maximize the treatment effect.