AEON’s WHOLEistic Medical Care

It is the patient-doctor relationship that is the foundation of all “holistic” and proper medical care. Even an area like Aesthetic Medicine, all the more so like an area like Aesthetic Medicine, requires a “WHOLEistic” view of the patient’s condition and situation which seems to be lacking as time goes on. This is essential to ensure safety, satisfactory results and a long term relationship from which a comprehensive plan can be set for each individual.

Modern times and quickly changing trends has replaced this traditional foundation of seeing the patient as a whole, with “quick-fixes” and unhealthy perspectives of one’s self- image and self-esteem. All patients should be seen and approached as a holistic (body, mind, spirit and social environment) individual and respected as such – not just as a fragmented organ or body part, as many medical clinics can make you feel like you are. Restoration to a complete state of health not only requires expert professional medical help, but also cooperation by striving to live a healthy lifestyle also. It must be a combined TEAM effort at every stage of the treatment process.

Beauty is a part of YOU & US.

We also promise top end service and comfort during you stay in our Centre encompassed in a friendly and comfortable environment. Your experience from the time you walk in to the time you walk out is all part of the holistic experience and philosophy we cherish so deeply. In addition to this holistic concept, as the name “aesthetics (philosophy of art and beauty)” implies, beauty is a subjective concept and is very dependent on the individual and the doctor planning and performing any procedure or treatment plan. Although the treatments and products are medical-grade, scientific and evidence-based, aesthetic medicine is also influenced greatly by the doctor and individual’s perspective.

Bringing out your natural beauty

Products, techniques and machines may be very similar in the aesthetic market. However the direction and destination the patient is headed for must be unique to every individual and thus customised and personalised to ensure the patient is able to see his/her natural beauty that is inherent and not an artificial, superficial replication of the quickly trending perception of “beauty”. This is all reflected in the philosophy, approach and treatment at Aeon Medical and Aesthetic Centre – Bringing out and enhancing the natural beauty in each and every individual under the care of myself and all our trained professional staff. Yes, we want you to look younger and will assist you to achieve that goal – internally and externally – but we will also do our best to ensure that the beauty that is shown is uniquely “YOU” at the same time. To us you are always “YOU” – unique, beautiful and precious beyond worth.

Here at Aeon Centre we will travel the journey with you together with professionalism, respect and loving companionship. You are not just another “package” on a pre-determined, generic schedule. Rather, from A to Z, Alpha to Omega, First to Last…..we are here for you. AEON Medical and Aesthetic Centre For Life. For You.