Medical Skin Care Treatment Program - Different Skin Type


1. TR (탄력케어) – Anti-aging solution, Skin lifting

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2. MB (미백케어) – Skin brightening, Pigmentation care

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3. JJ (진정케어) – Skin Calming, Relexation

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4. Acne (여드름피부 케어) – For acne/oily skin type, Acne & Acne scar treatment

Find out more from our current service Venus VIVA, TheraClear, Gold Toning

Medical Skin Care:

Customized and personalized medical treatment of the skin determined and ordered after consultation with our doctor utilizing various medical-grade machines and products to maximize the therapeutic effect and reduce the risk of downtime/complications from laser treatments.

Difference between AEON medical skin care and a “facial” & “massage” shop
  • Ordered and directed by our professional licensed doctor after a thorough and accurate analysis/diagnosis of your unique skin condition.
  • During the course of the treatment, it is common for your skin condition to change. Alterations and modifications in your skincare treatment will be possible (and required) after assessment at each visit by our doctor.
  • Minimizes post-laser recovery time and risks of adverse reactions than can occur during the course of a laser treatment program.
  • Maximizes the therapeutic effect by combining medical skin care with lasers and/or skin products.


메디컬 스킨 케어란?

스킨케어 직전에 의사의 진단 후 피부 상태에 맞는 여러가지 기기와 화장품을 사용하여 효과를 극대화하고 레이저 시술을 통한 부작용을 최소화 합니다.

AEON 메디컬 스킨케어와 “페이셜”& ”마사지” 샵의 차이
  • 귀하의 피부 상태를 담당의의 정확하고 철저한 진단 후 개인 맞춤 스킨케어 프로그램 처방.
  • 치료 과정 중, 자주 변할 수 있는 피부의 상태를 의학적으로 진단 후 처치 변경 가능함.
  • 레이저 치료 후의 회복기간 단축, 부작용 가능성 최소화.
  •  스킨제품, 약물, 레이저 치료와 병행하여 치료효과 극대화 가능