Skin Regeneration


AEON LDM®-MED (Local Dynamic Micro-Ultrasound) is a form of ultrasound treatment where the dual-frequencies achieve a much higher intensity than conventional Ultrasound treatments. 

This technology is based on dual-frequency ultrasound waves and is able to modulate dynamic processes of production and destruction within connective tissue which is of primary Importance in different aesthetical applications or dermatological diseases.

LDM offers the option of an effective, non-invasive treatment for skin tightening wrinkle reduction, improvement of the skin structure and stimulation of endogenous production of hyaluronic acid, improving skin consistency and firmness and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.




LDM®-MED is a dual-frequency ultrasound technology which combines different frequencies up to 10 MHz in one LDM® wave, alternating thereby between two frequencies up to 500 times per second. There are two possible wave combinations in LDM®-MED machine– ultrasound waves with 1 and 3 MHz frequencies as well as waves with 3 and 10 MHz frequencies. Such hybrid waves produce special pressure gradients in tissue, influencing cells as well as extracellular structures of connective tissue.

dynamic pressureDifferent frequencies can directly affect the activity of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) which are responsible for balancing skin metabolism as well as influence the production of heat shock proteins (HSPs) that are necessary for the proper cell protection. They can also modulate the content of hyaluronic acid (HA) within the skin, improving thereby turgor and moisturization of tissue. All these molecular components (MMPs, HSPs and HA) are of primary importance in modern anti-aging and dermatologic science and their proper modulation is considered to be indispensable for effective aesthetical and dermatological treatments.

Stimulation of collagen production through fibroblasts shows the best results if supported by simultaneous modulation of MMPs that can stimulate new collagen. HSP molecules account for correct protein folding – a process which is tremendously diminished in aged skin. Production of HA is essentially important for skin moisturization and elasticity. Specific modulation of all these components can lead to significant improvement of skin appearance and consequently reduce signs of aging.

● No Downtime, Painless 

● Safe for all Skin Types

● Can be applied year-round

● Can be used in conjunction with other treatments

***  Which advantages has the use of 10 MHz frequency?

Conventional ultrasound systems use the frequencies of 1 MHz and 3 MHz. Ultrasound waves of these frequencies can effectively penetrate into the body to the depths of several centimeters, which is clearly below epidermal and dermal layers where the main aging processes take place. LDM® technology applies additionally an ultrasound wave of 10 MHz frequency with a penetration depth of nearly 0,3 cm which is consequently almost fully absorbed in the upper skin layers for skin rejuvenation.

pressure distribution-2The wave of this frequency has additionally a very small wavelength of 150 µm and can thus directly influence single cells or small cell groups within tissue. This property is responsible for some very specific reactions of different cells to ultrasound waves of 10 MHz frequency.


 Wrinkle reduction  Skin tightening (face and body)  Skin rejuvenation  Anti-Aging

 Cellulite reduction  Stretch marks  Sonophoresis

 Acne  Atopic/ perioral dermatitis  Skin Ulcers  Hypertrophic scars / Keloids  Eczema  Psoriasis



Q: Who is a good candidate for LDM? 

A: It is recommended for someone with loose skin, lines, wrinkles, chronic acne, eczema and who is afraid of invasive treatment due to sensitive skin or who wants a healthier looking skin.

Q. What is the overall result? 

A. You can expect smoother, firmer and brighter skin. It also helps inflammatory skin reduce inflammation and as this requires an accumulative effect, several treatments are necessary.

Q. What is treatment duration and recovery time?

A. In general, treatment duration is 5-25 mins depending on treatment areas and indications. Regular activities such as work, exercise or socializing can be resumed immediately after treatment.

Q. What is the treatment schedule of LDM®-Med?

A. Dependent on customer age and skin condition aesthetical treatments are recommended twice per week for 4-6 weeks while maintenance sessions should be done once every 1-2 months. Dermatological applications may need 6-8 and in complex cases 10-16 sessions, depending on each individual.



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