CO₂ Laser Treatment
Laser Removal of Skin Tag, Mole


The Co2 laser is a laser used in the removal of moles in the skin. Using a 10,600 nm wavelength it can be targeted at very small areas and also emits a very short pulse preventing unnecessary damage to the normal surrounding skin. Since this laser can be adjusted to the specific depth needed, it is utilized in procedures requiring precise accuracy.

Treatment Area :

moles, skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, milia (점, 쥐젓, 비립종, 피지선 증식 제거에 탁월)

Post-procedural Instructions:

  • Duoderm (thin hydrocolloid dressing) must be applied to the area treated for 5-7 days
  • Exposure to sunlight may cause darkening of the treated area – avoidance of sunlight and sunblock application is essential
  • It may take 3 months for the treated area to return to normal skin tone
  • Patient’s with keloid-prone skin need to fully understand risks involved with this procedure