Hydro Cell (HC)

Physiological Facial Skin Nano Cleanser

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Product Description

Physiological Facial Skin Nano Cleanser Hydrocell is a physiological cleanser without any surfactant component so it will not dry out your skin after usage. At the same time, it is able to clean your pores and skin of impurities and left over make-up or sunblock due to patented nano-technology. By protecting the lipid layer and pH balance of your skin, it prevents abnormal injury or harm commonly experienced after cleansing. Very suitable for sensitive and/or dry skin patients.

  • 유화제가 들어있지 않은 모든 피부용
  • 조밀한 거품을 통해 피부에 자극 없이 모공 속 노페물 및 피지를 제거
  • 피부 PH 를 조절
  • 각질층 균형 유지 및 필수적인 천연 피지막을 보호하면서 클렌징 후 생기는 피부건조함 예방
  • 모든피부 사용가능 하지만 특히 건조하거나 민감한 피부타입에 적극 추천


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