Purewhite Mibaek Lotion (ML)

Product Description

Purewhite Mibaek Lotion

1.Skin lightening
Reduces the activation of Tyrosinase (Typrosinase stimulates pigmentation) by whitenol

2.Improve condition of mast cell
Improve basal membrane and inhibits angiogenesis to prevent more pigmentation

3.Moisturizing and reinforcement of skin barrier
Moisturizing and reinforcement of skin barrier by hyaluronic acid, trehalose and pseudoceramide

4.Activates stem cells
Activating of stem cells and improvement effect of basal membrane by rhodiola sachalinensis

5.Verified clinical effect
Treatment effects proven by control group study.

미백특허 화이트놀 성분을 통한 미백

2.보습 및 진정
히알루론산, 트레할로스, 유사세라마이드에 의한 보습 및 진정

3.피부 장벽 강화
유사세라마이드에 의한 피부 장벽 강화
피부막 보호: 돌꽃추출물에 의한 피부 보호

4.붉은 피부 진정
트라넥사믹엑시드 성분 함유

Apply twice daily after toner or serum

Caution: May cause mild imitation or redness of skin .


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