Total Repair Cream (TRC)

Post-Laser Repair Cream

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Product Description

Contains adenosine which is a compenent of cellular DNA – Repairs and restores skin after laser treatments for less discomfort and shorter downtime – helps to reduce wrinkles – richer than TRG, can be applied after TRG for improved moisturization and skni repair

Dryness is a common post-laser phenomenom. TRG and TRC provide intensive and quick moisturization and accelerates skin healing by acting on karyoplasts in the epidermal layer and fibroblasts to produce collagen. Does no clog pores or cause oily feeling so also suitable for oily skin. High content of hyaluronic acid and nano-technology ensuring quick absorption into the skin.

  • 레이저 후 처치 전용 외피 재생,주름개선 크림.
  • DNA 와 세포 DNA 구성물질인 아데노신이 첨단 Technology 와의 만남으로
    피부세포 조직을 복구하여 메디컬 시술 이후 적용시 재생.
  • 보습, 주름개선 scar 및 외피손상을 빠르게 개선시켜준다.

추천하는피부: 레이저 치료후 피부, 노화피부, 건조한 피부.


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