Dr Michael J Kim's Academic/Training Activities

Dr Michael J Kim’s Academic/Training Activities

Our Medical Director Dr. Michael Kim is very active in sharing his knowledge and experience along with training fellow colleagues in Singapore and Asia. With the onset of the pandemic, his online lecture and training sessions have reached and assisted doctors in Europe, Australia, Middle East and even the USA. Dr. Kim is also active in attending academic congresses in his continuous endeavour to learn the latest developments in Aesthetic Medicine. All these efforts are to provide Aeon patients with safe and effective treatments customized to their needs.

28 Oct 2022; Polynucleotide Injections Revolution: Exploring New Horizons to Diversify Indications and Techniques; 3rd Pharmaresearch Global Symposium (PGS); Gangneung, Republic of Korea

30 Sep 2022; “DOT” Polynucleotide Injection treatments as a “Cold” Tissue Rejuvenation Modality: the Key for Paradigm Shift to Skin Quality and Natural Attractiveness; International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS) Asia; Bangkok, Thailand

27 May 2022; Periorbital Rejuvenation using Non-Microneedling Monopolar RF (NMMR): Anatomical Considerations and Practical Applications; IDS Indonesia Symposium (online)

22 May 2022; Facial Adipose Connective Tissue (ACT) and Aging: the “Weak Link” in our Anti-Aging Model and Treatment Paradigm?; 40th Korean Association for Laser Dermatology and Tricology (KALDAT) Conference; Seoul, Republic of Korea

13 May 2022; Polynucleotide Injections as a versatile biostimulator for multi-level tissue rejuvenation, wound healing and scar treatment; Aesthetic Academy; Ukraine (online)

5 Nov 2021: Polynucleotide Injection Treatments as a Cold Tissue Rejuvenation Modality: Aesthetic Medicine Paradigm Shift to Skin Quality and Natural Attractiveness; Singapore Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SAM) Conference; Singapore

5 Nov 2021; Multi-Layer Face and Neck Rejuvenation using Linear and Dot-Type HIFU; Singapore Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SAM) Conference; Singapore

29 Oct 2021; Literature Review: Management of Hyaluronic Acid Filler Complications following SARS-COV-2 vaccinations; Ukraine DERMx Summit (online)

23 Oct 2021; Clinical Applications of Versatile Polynucleotide Injection Treatments: Introduction to Bio-Tensegrity Points (BTP) Injection Technique; Dermarev Polynucleotide Injections Symposium; Singapore

29 Sep 2021; Ultrasound Properties (Cavitation/ Bubble Dynamics) and Combination of “DOT” (Sequential) and “LINEAR” (Continuous Scanning) HIFU; Jeisys Online Academy; Seoul, Republic of Korea (online)

26 Sep 2021; Literarture review: Management of Hyaluronic Acid Filler Complications following SARS-COV-2 vaccinations; Korean Aesthetic Surgerey & Laser Society (DEMIRE) Conference; Seoul, Republic of Korea (online/hybrid)

6 June 2021; The Perfect Storm: Case Review of Hyaluronic Acid Filler Complications following SARS-COV-2 vaccinations; Korean Expert Summit (KES); Seoul, Republic of Korea (online/hybrid)

SEPTEMBER 2021 1st ICLAS Annual World Congress

JUNE 2021 KALDAT Expert Summit - Banyan Tree - Seoul

APRIL 2O21 38th KALDAT Spring Congress - Seoul

MARCH 2021 Jeysis Online Academy Live Seminar

MARCH 2021 Rejuran Conference - Four Seasons Hotel - Singapore

JANUARY 2021 i-SWAM Virtual Conference

DECEMBER 2020 Jeysis Live Webinar

DECEMBER 2020 LDM Zoom Webinar

NOVEMBER 2020 Rejuran Online Forum

OCTOBER 2020 2nd KALDAT Asia Aesthetic Medicine Web Symposium

JULY 2020 34th KALDAT Spring Conference - Seoul

DECEMBER 2019 Rejuran Training Seminar - Hana Clinic - Kuala Lumpur

DECEMBER 2019 33rd KALDAT Fall Congress - Seoul

OCTOBER 2019 PharmaResearch Global Symposium - Gangneung Korea

OCTOBER 2019 Rejuran Training Symposium -IDSMED Jakarta

AUGUST 2019 Rejuran Training Seminar - Clinicrx - Kuala Lumpur

AUGUST 2019 5th Malaysian Society Of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM) Conference - Kuala Lumpur

AUGUST 2019 32nd KALDAT Busan Congress - Korea

AUGUST 2019 Rejuran Training - AEON Medical Centre - Singapore

JULY 2019 Rejuran Seminar - Royal Plaza Hotel - Singapore

JUNE 2019 1st KALDAT Asia Aesthetic Medicine Symposium - Kuala Lumpur

MAY 2019 31st KALDAT Spring Congress - Seoul

MAY 2019 9th ITCAM Conference - Bangkok

MAY 2019 Rejuran Training Seminar - Maharis Clinic - Jakarta

MARCH 2019 Cyspera Cysteamine Symposium - Singapore