Covid-19 Safety Measures

*With guidance from MOM guidelines “Requirements for Safe Management Measures at the workplace”

The safety of our patients and staff is of utmost importance. Especially during this pandemic, extra measures are necessary to ensure safety of all in the clinic. This will definitely be inconvenient and uncomfortable but we hope we can all cooperate to help prevent further spread of the Covid-19 during reopening.


  1. Strictly asymptomatic patients with appointments and facial coverings (masks must not have a valve on outside) only will be allowed entrance to premises.
  2. No companions allowed entry (minors<21 yrs old may and must have 1 legal guardian present at all times)
  3. On entrance, all patients must check-in via Trace Together App or Token.
  4. On entrance, online health declaration must also be completed and pending replies, your appointment may have to be rescheduled at discretion of our medical director.
  5. Hand sanitization is required before entry.
  6. Each treatment room after use will be thoroughly disinfected for high-contact surfaces, including using UV-C light.
  7. All treatments carried out in individual isolated treatment rooms with air purifiers.
  8. Single use disposable bed sheets, patient hair caps and gowns(if needed) will be used.
  9. All staff will have on proper PPE (hair cap, face shield/goggles, surgical or N95 equivalent mask, gloves) at all times.
  10. Patients and staff will be advised to reduce talking to a minimum during treatment to reduce droplet formation.
  11. Post-treatment beverages will be suspended until further notice.
  12. E-payment options have been enhanced to promote non-contact payment.
  13. Staff use walkie-talkie communication to minimize contact with other patients during your movement within the clinic.


This is also an essential aspect of maintaining a safe work environment and clinic for patients to come for treatment.

  1. Non-essential staff will continue to WFH until further notice.
  2. Before work: Staff health condition will be declared and checked daily before coming to work. Symptomatic staff will not be allowed to come to work and will be sent for medical care immediately.
  3. During the day: Staff will check temperature and declare health condition twice daily. Health condition is CLOSELY monitored by our doctor. Any symptomatic staff will be immediately sent for medical attention.
  4. Training: Staff are trained and will be continually monitored by our doctor on proper hygiene and donning of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).
  5. Common areas: Strict safe distancing rules are in place and enforced. High-touch areas will be disinfected at least every 2 hours or after each touch. Additional disinfection will be carried out using UV-C light.
  6. PPE: All staff will have adequate PPE (hair cap, face shield/goggles, surgical or N95 mask, gloves) to protect themselves and others.
  7. Surgical masks or N95 level masks will be worn at all times by staff while in clinic.
  8. Adequate masks, hand sanitizer and other hygiene products are also provided for staff personal use (commuting, home, etc).
  9. Staff are advised to closely monitor the health of family/housemates and to report any contact with symptomatic cases. They are also encouraged to do similar training received in clinic to family/housemates regarding hygiene and safe practices. Masks and other products are provided on request because – We are all connected.
  10. Staff will be advised to reduce talking to a minimum during treatment to reduce droplet formation.
  11. Staff use walkie-talkie communication to minimize contact with other patients during your movement within the clinic.
  12. Work and break hours will be staggered. Shift/split teams will be arranged as much as possible.
  13. Minimise socialising in clinic and during meals/breaks.
  14. Two senior staff have been appointed “Safe Management Officers” as per MOM advice.


  1. All hand sanitizers in clinic are medical-grade & effective for killing enveloped viruses like Coronavirus.
  2. Door handle and other high-touch areas will be disinfected routinely during the day and even more using NEA approved ingredients for killing Coronavirus.
  3. Upon entrance, for ALL delivery men and patients, HAND SANITIZER must be used. Can be used generously (for arms and elbows if needed). Dispensed in a “Non-Touch” sensor-triggered dispenser so no need to “pump” the top which can also be contaminated easily.
  4. Each patient will be treated in a single private room during the entirety of the treatment process.
  5. Inside the room, you will only be in contact with single-use disposable bed sheets and you will be required to put on a single-use disposable hair cover. If it is needed and previous arrangements to bring your own change of clothes was not possible, single-use disposable treatment gowns are also available.
  6. All rooms are equipped with air purifiers and strong ventilation is present in each room via central air system.
  7. Since we are not using our blankets, it might be a little cold for some patients, but we will try and maintain the air temperature at a comfortable level. Also, all our treatment beds have a special warming mechanism to keep you warm if needed.
  8. After each treatment, the disposables will be thrown away and the room disinfected with approved and safe disinfecting agents – via wiping of high-touch surface, mist spray, and Ultraviolet-C (UVC) lamps which help to kill viruses in hard to reach areas.
  9. All instruments will be sanitized and additional disinfection done with UV-C devices.
  10. Although it will be hard, strictly no handshakes and hugs (sorry!) Bowing is good!