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AEON Medical and Aesthetic Centre (AEON) is a Korean Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore with a fully medical licensed (South Korea and Singapore) Korean doctor – Dr. Michael Kim. As a professional aesthetic doctor, Dr. Kim is focused on providing safe, effective, non-invasive medical skin quality improvement, skin health, and skin rejuvenation treatments. Located in the heart of Singapore in the Orchard area, AEON is an officially registered medical clinic with the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH).

All patients are assessed by our founder and medical director Dr. Michael Kim during a formal consultation session assisted by the VISIA (a computer skin analysis system that provides a more in-depth comprehensive analysis of the facial skin condition) system. Our treatment and management plans are fully customized to meet the various concerns, needs, and conditions of the patient. This may include a single or combination treatment of topical, oral, and non-invasive procedures to maximize continuous and long-term results.

Our Treatments at AEON Aesthetic Clinic

Here at AEON, we offer a wide range of non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures, like acne treatments, laser treatments, skin booster treatments, Rejuran injections, and HIFU treatments. As a trusted aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we aim to provide you with holistic facial treatments to maximise your natural beauty and confidence. Access our full treatment range here.

We continually evaluate the efficacy of our treatment processes, and all our treatments are performed by our – certified aesthetic doctor. The scientific advances in skin care and rejuvenation are impressive and ever-evolving. This requires that we regularly update ourselves, staying current on skin care treatments.

Clinic Introduction

Premium Aesthetic Treatments For You


As the old adage goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and for most people, the face is the first point of impression. We aim to help you make the best positive impression with a variety of beauty enhancement treatments available for your face.

At AEON Medical, we help you achieve natural-looking results with our non-invasive signature treatments like HIFU, Rejuran, or the Aeon Total Clarity laser program.


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Our eyes are the windows to our souls and inner beauty. We use our eyes to express our feelings and interests, and it is no surprise that people are naturally drawn to them. Our signature AEON eye treatments can help you minimise age-related wrinkles around the eyes, giving you an overall youthful and attractive look.


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Alongside the face, our necks also need specialized treatments and regular maintenance to address the visible signs of skin ageing. At AEON aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we place great importance on neck care with our non-invasive skin tightening treatments like Profhilo, Neck Glo and HIFU Neck Treatment.


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It is no secret that we are often conscious of our body silhouette and image. Sometimes it may be difficult to get rid of stubborn fat deposits, despite dieting and exercise. Let us help you achieve better results through our non-surgical body-shaping treatments like Venus LEGACY and UltraShapeTM.


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Bring Out Your Natural Beauty at AEON Medical

As the preferred aesthetic clinic in Singapore, AEON Medical adopts a holistic approach to restoring and attaining beauty through our dedicated services. We believe that every patient deserves customised and personalised treatments that bring out their natural beauty.


Before every treatment, we make certain that each client is well-informed, prepared, and comfortable. Treatments are administered with extreme care and patient confidentiality is strictly upheld.


Begin your journey to achieve a younger-looking and healthier you, today. Call us at 6733 2002 to schedule a personal appointment with our aesthetic doctor. We look forward to serving you!