Clinic Philosophy

*Warning! this is a bit long – but I realized that my philosophy as a medical director of an “aesthetic clinic” is quite different from many other similar clinics, so I felt the need to express it in more detail. Thank you for reading!


What is AEON?

The definition of the word “Aeon(Eon)” originally meant “life”, “vital force” or “being”, “generation” or “a period of time”, though it tended to be translated as “age” in the sense of “ages”, “forever”, “timeless” or “for eternity”. That is why our clinic name is AEON. We believe that the foundation and core value of our clinic should be the long-term relationship between the doctor and patient. It has always traditionally been this patient-doctor long-term relationship that was the foundation of all “holistic” and proper medical care.


AEON’s “WHOLEistic” Medical Care Philosophy

Although we have continuous development and advancement in the field of medicine today, we as a medical profession and society have become even farther from the concept of treating the human as a whole, but rather as a collection of mechanical parts(“biomechanical model of the body”). Unfortunately, this traditional foundation of seeing the patient as a whole has also been replaced in aesthetic medicine with “quick-fix” treatments and an unhealthy perspective of a person’s self- image and self-esteem running rampantly. All patients should be seen and approached as a unique, special, and holistic (body, mind, spirit and social environment) individual; and respected as such – not just as a fragmented organ or body part. In addition, restoration and adherence to a more complete state of health also requires cooperation by the patient in his/her efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. It must be a combined TEAM effort at every stage of the treatment process, in and out of the clinic.

Ageing is a complex and ongoing process that cannot be stopped completely. We are still limited by technology and therefore must realize that ageing will continue. However, with a holistic and balanced approach to treating any condition, we can age more “gracefully” and “naturally” – without high risk, invasive procedures.


AEON enhances your “natural beauty”

Filler injections and threads are becoming more common in today’s aesthetic market. The concept of what is “beautiful” has been quantified and glorified with the “golden ratio(phi)” and the closer one can attain this “golden ratio”, the more “beautiful” one is claimed to be – or this is what is told by some aesthetic doctors and fuelled by certain corporate company revenue drives. This has led to many patients facing pressure to go for certain treatments, experiencing serious and sometimes even permanent side effects. Beauty has always been subjective and should be kept that way, not put in a mold to be manufactured en masse and pursued by all.

Even the definition of our field of medicine (aesthetic medicine) is the “philosophy of art and beauty”. Beauty is a relative and is very dependent on the individual and various other surrounding factors including the philosophy of the aesthetic doctor treating you. Although the treatments and products might be similarly medical-grade, scientific and evidence-based, the recommendations and treatment execution can be widely different.

As a dedicated aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we at AEON believe that the direction and destination of the patient is and must be unique to every individual. Therefore, the treatments need to be customised and personalised to ensure the patient is able to enhance and maximize his/her natural beauty that is inherent and not an artificial, superficial replication of any trending perception of “beauty”.

This is all reflected in the philosophy, approach and treatment at AEON Medical and Aesthetic Centre – Bringing out and enhancing the natural beauty in each and every individual under the care of Dr Kim and all our trained professional staff. Yes, we want you to look as well as feel younger and healthier. We will assist you to achieve that goal – internally and externally – but we will also do our best to ensure the beauty that is shown is uniquely “YOU” at the same time. To us you are always “YOU” – unique, beautiful and precious beyond worth.


AEON’s “Skin Quality” Emphasis in Aesthetic Medicine

Here at AEON, we focus on improving the SKIN QUALITY in contrast to changing the appearance of the patient with procedures such as filler and threads. There are many aspects of SKIN QUALITY, such as skin texture, moisturization, pigmentations, scars, elasticity and most important of all, absence of active skin disease. For example, we see many patients with active skin acne and/or sensitive skin who ignore this and just want to do fillers, lasers etc. However, we at AEON believe that it is more important to address and treat your skin health issues (i.e. acne, sensitive skin) first before moving on to other aesthetic treatments.

After these skin health issues are stable and under control, it is possible to move on to the other aspects of SKIN QUALITY improvement – all of which require continuous, repetitive and long-term care and effort. It is a life-long journey, not a one-time event. Therefore, it is much more challenging and difficult for the both patient and the medical team alike. You might have less “dramatic” visible changes than just injecting a filler or thread in one visit, but SKIN QUALITY treatments provide fundamental skin improvement over time and being less invasive means less risk of serious complications and side effects. Here at AEON, we do not provide thread treatment. Hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections are performed very selectively only after complete informed consent is given, and after the possible rare side effects, such as skin necrosis, granuloma and permanent blindness, are understood and accepted by the patient.


AEON’s “Patient Journey” Experience Philosophy

AEON believes in treating the whole person and thus the experience and journey start from the moment you step into the clinic until the moment you leave. All interior design, décor, and fixtures were planned, designed and procured by Dr. Kim himself. This reflects his attention to detail and commitment to every aspect of your time in the clinic, creating a space and environment healing and treating your WHOLE person.

Along this train of thought, the 5 senses of sight, smell, sound, touch and taste have all been considered in your patient journey while in the clinic. In Korean, this is called “Oh Gam(오감)”. You will be greeted with a fresh calming SCENT which changes with the season as soon as you enter the clinic due to integrated systems of airflow. You will SEE that the décor is a modern interpretation of Korean culture and beauty – subtle and pleasing to the eye. Relaxing instrumental MUSIC is always gently flowing through the waiting and treatment areas to help you relax. Clean and soft sheets and blankets will keep you comfortable throughout the treatment process along with the caring treatment TOUCH of our trained and caring staff. Enjoy a glass of Korean tea to conclude your total experience here at AEON(suspended due to covid safety measures). Lastly, we cannot forget the SIXTH sense of service and hospitality which is necessary and felt by the spirit and soul.

Here at AEON Medical and Aesthetic Centre, we will travel this journey together with you – promising professionalism, respect and loving companionship. You are not just another “package” on a predetermined, generic schedule. Rather, from A to Z, Alpha to Omega, First to Last, we are here for you.


AEON Medical and Aesthetic Centre For Life, For You. AEON!