BBL Hair Removal
(underarm only)

BBL Hair Removal <br>(underarm only)

What is BBL Hair Removal (underarm only)?

Reducing hair growth in the underarm (axilla) area using Sciton’s BroadBand LightTM (BBL) which is a type of Intense Pulse Light (IPL). Multiple sessions are needed and pain is very minimal.

BBL Hair Removal
BBL Hair Removal

More about BBL (BroadBand Light)

BBL (Broadband Light) is a phototherapy system that incorporates dual flash lamp technology, interchangeable filters, snap-on adapters and a precise thermoelectric cooling system for safe and effective treatments. The light energy delivered by BBL gently heats the dermal layer of the skin, stimulating cells to regenerate new collagen. This process helps to restore uneven surfaces and tone, making the skin appear smoother and younger-looking.

In BBL hair removal, the same light energy is used to reduce hair by targeting hair follicles, without harming the surrounding skin. Unlike other conventional laser systems, BBL hair removal is safe and effective as the wavelengths used by the BBL system emit light energy in carefully controlled pulses. This also helps to decrease the risks of skin damage and minimises pain, allowing for a more comfortable treatment experience. 

Being a gentle and non-invasive procedure, BBL hair removal treatment is suitable for most people and can be customised to a patient’s specific skin type and hair colour. The patient’s underarm region can be treated quickly for reduced hair growth with little or no side effects (slight redness) that if present, usually disappear over a few days.

Benefits Of BBL Hair Removal

  • Reduced hair removal (hair follicles are killed)
  • Non-invasive with little to no downtime
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Suitable for most skin and hair types