Diamond Lifting (Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency)

Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

What is Diamond Lifting (Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency)?

Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency (RF) + Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields
  • Produces heat in the skin to stimulate collagen synthesis and elastin fibers
  • Stimulates circulation in the skin to facilitate skin health and rejuvenation
What is Diamond Lifting (Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency)?
How Does Diamond Lifting (Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency) Work?

Utilizing Israel-based VENUS Concept’s Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency Technology – 3D™ MP2 energy – Diamond lifting allows radio-frequency energy to travel deeper into the skin resulting in collagen stimulation and increased blood circulation, which leads to overall skin tightening and firming.

This technology produces a dense, uniform heat matrix, stimulating the body’s natural healing response (including collagen synthesis) with no pain and no downtime.

How Does Diamond Lifting (Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency) Work?
What Are The Benefits of Diamond Lifting (Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency)?

AEON Medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore, diamond lifting is:

  • Customizable: Adjustable power settings for all skin types and conditions
  • A Safe Treatment: Real-time temperature monitoring for optimal and safe results
  • A Comfortable Treatment: NO pain and thus NO need for numbing cream
Is Diamond Lifting (Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency) Safe?

Being a non-invasive (no needles) heat energy treatment for the skin, Diamond Lifting is safe and painless. Depending on your skin condition, mild redness may appear after treatment but should fade naturally within a few hours. As a non-surgical procedure, no downtime should be experienced after the treatment and clients are free to continue with their normal daily activities.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

For maximum results, our aesthetic doctor recommends one session per week for 10 sessions, but a customized treatment plan can be created based on your needs and goals. Once your treatment goals are met, Diamond Lifting can be done during monthly intervals for maintenance purposes.

For more information on exact treatment schedules, consult our aesthetic doctor to create your own personalized skin treatment plan.