VISIA© Skin Analysis
Skin Complexion Analysis

visia analysis

VISIA: Skin analysis allows us to obtain objective data on the skin’s condition.

Although aesthetics is a matter of “beauty” which is subjective in itself, skin health is at the foundation of all procedures and is the first and foremost of importance in my practice.

Firstly, VISIA’s multi-point positioning system allows us to take photos of the facial skin at the standard 3 different angles for a starting point of treatment. Subsequent images at later points of treatment can be taken at the same angles thanks to the positioning system for accurate comparison and analysis. Using a normal camera does not provide this precision when it comes to serial picture taking on different dates (angles, lighting, exposure, etc tend to be different which lowers the ability to compare images objectively)
Multi-spectral lighting is used to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions not visible to the naked eye – including UV damage, hyperpigmentations, acne bacteria distribution/density, rosacea and spider veins.Wrinkles, skin surface texture, and pores are also analyzed and can be zoomed in to allow detailed magnified assessment of any area on the face not possible with normal photography.

The 3D viewer allows magnified visulaization of any part of the facial skin surface in 3D. The Aging simulator can simulate the aging process for pigmentations, wrinkles and pores a few years younger and older. This allows me to show the patient roughly what their skin might look like if it is not taken care of a few years down the line and also conversely, if the skin is treated and improved.